Redesigning LIVE mobile experiences to connect creators and artists with fans

Bonsey Jaden were tasked to optimize SMO Live’s current mobile application, enabling better LIVE streaming experiences and engaging shopping features, as the past look and feel does not quite yet unleashed this vibrant creative spirit.

Our solution to the current platform user is to engage and retain users right from the start by giving the creators and users the freedom to express themselves. Every creators are unique – we can help them express this uniqueness, from the way they decorate their profile to the stickers and lightsticks they use on live shows? This will help fans resonate better with their muses’ personal branding colours.

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We faced the lack of consistency and afterthought on design system in SMO’s predecessor app. As building an app user journey is a much more complex matrix compared to a website journey, consistency is key to ensure that every page is a reflection of the SMO brand.

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As the apps is being developed while the design is being rethought, we had the opportunity to engage with real users for a real feedback to improve that apps overall design and experience.

The objective of this real user testing is to make sure that the apps is easy to use and valuable to the users which is fundamental to design strategy and end goal.

Throughout the entire design cycle – from medium fidelity wireframing to high fidelity prototype, we were constantly in conversation with target users through focus groups and prototyping demo sessions.

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In the second-screen era, there is a tendency for user to multitask looking into the platform from multidevices. For SMO, we focus on multi-devices design support to ensure that layout extendable not only mobile but also tablet & desktop.

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A responsive, engaging and innovative solution that helps to bridge the gap between fans, creators and brands.

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