Renewing the life of Malaysia’s OG snack brand among the new generation of youths!

Mamee Monster was a brand that many of us Malaysians grew up with. From its humble beginnings, they’ve now set out to be a disruptor in the snacking category – defying the boring, blahs and bland. They are, in fact a brand of Snack gone wack! Our goal was to put the brand in the forefront of wacky snack-novation, more than the nostalgic Noodle Snack!

A mascot isn’t just a pretty face anymore. He’s the wacky personality that carries the brand! We uncovered the inspiring story of Blue, the face of Mamee Monster we know and love. Adult human logic does not apply to him, and his mission in life is advocating “snack goes wack” among his human friends.

Blue’s not just a mascot – he’s a legit influential influencer!

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