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Naturethings, an AI-powered plant-care platform, was looking to build its website, with a goal to optimize its functions and improve their designs to be more on-brand. One of Naturethings main products is an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot which is connected to various pages of their website. Although started as a website redesign project, the scope soon expanded to provide a more brand-led design consistency approach across Naturethings' digital collaterals.

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We conducted user testing through a digital questionnare to find commonalities, language assotiation and digital platform appetitte of our plant parents audience. We also conducted a thorough brand and competitor analysis, to design and ideate several visual routes to complement the Naturethings brand. After several iterations we were able to consolidate fun visuals for the brand using swirls, fun shapes and earthy colours. One of the most important matters in the design system was the use of emoticons to incorporate the feel of Whatsapp into the design. Emoticons were used to describe a plant, as a decorative element and as tags. Tags can be white or plum purple, depending on the background of their location.

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As Naturethings website is a product by itself, the project did not stop once the redesign was complete. New segments were added subsequently, such as the marketplace. We curated routes to have users shop after interacting with the AI- powered Whatsapp, and immersed social media into the site’s quiz. Continuous UX enhancements were made to the platform based on learnings from heat maps and various analytics.

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Naturethings have become platform to discover, shop and grow plants with ease. Users can take a quiz, find a plant match, subscribe and buy a plant, get reminders and a lot of other exciting activities on the platform. Powered by AI. Made by humans.

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A design system was built around the consolidated visual route. We standardized the use of emoticons, typography, iconography and other visual elements such as swirls and shapes. Naturethings shapes are unique and to be used as different backgrounds across any design materials. These shapes are derived from their prior website, combined with other shapes with different colours, incorporated into images, texts or any design sections. The system scales through their website, marketplace and pitch decks utilising these new system components, image styles and visual elements.

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