A microsite for DSO careers, scholarships and internships.

DSO National Laboratories commissioned Bonsey Jaden with a brief to build a careers microsite for their recruitment campaign targeting young career seekers. The microsite functions as a discrete entity within a DSO existing website and to complement an offline campaign.

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The microsite hosts three different user journeys: full time career, scholarship programme and internship opportunities. As each journey is targeting different set of audience, DSO came up with 3 visual styles which take into consideration of the different age groups. Thus, there are three highly distinguished key visuals to apply to the website. The challenge was to create a microsite with a unifying look that can accommodate 3 different look and feel. Furthermore, each page is rich in content and multiple CTAs, making a streamlined design system crucial to ensure a pleasant experience for users looking for information. To start, the audiences land on a clean, white-based main page, easing audiences into their “choose their adventure” user journey.

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The key visual provided by DSO for their careers page is filled with deep blue and red highlights. We applied these red highlights strategically, creating a neon effect and dropping hints to the careers' individual stories page to gauge users' curiosity. Going from the career hub which is simple and white to this careers page provides a lot of impact on the audience and emphasizes the stories we are trying to tell.

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The subpages followed your KVs closely, filled with micro-interactions and colours distinguishing one subpage from another. The careers page has a darker design while, at first, the internship and scholarship pages use multiple bright colours to intrigue younger audiences. As client viewed that there was a similarity between internship and scholarship colours. The design shifted to a darker-colored route. The scholarship page needs to reflect seriousness. This section includes a narrative and a how-to-apply sub-section.

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To cater to its young audiences for internship opportunities, the internships reflect a fun and vibin' digital environment. Thus, bright colours and engaging transitions were designed on this page. The header shows a one-liner tagline, with a bit of parallax interaction as you scroll down. We implemented cards that users can scroll horizontally to showcase the projects, followed by a space for a captivating liner and photos.

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4 primary pages with additional 3 sub-pages. Users land on the Career Hub and will be able to choose a card to go to a destination: careers, scholarships and internships.

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