Redesigning a dynamic, inclusive, one-stop e-platform and website.

Bonsey Jaden was tasked to create a domestic work and home management platform with the aim of bringing together and embracing the domestic work community. The outcome was Ministry of Helpers, a platform that helps both employers and helpers to match, manage and grow.


To showcase how Ministry of Helpers opens up new opportunities for helpers and employers to connect with one another, we use the combination of 2 dots interlocking with one another paired with motion of unlocking a phone as a mnemonic device that is easily recognisable by everyone.

As a key visual representation of the brand, the logo must remain consistent and visible no matter the devices. There are two layout formats for the logo: vertical and horizontal. The two formats uses different positioning of the brand name.

The brand colours consists of two primary colours: Vivid Violet and Cerise. These represent the helpers and employers. The relationship between the two is represented in the colour Scarlet Gum which is a blend of the two primary colours.

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With the pandemic looming the flexibility to search for quality foreign domestic workers and homeowners out there, Ministry of Helpers eliminates the bottleneck by digitising almost the entire of job-seeking and helper-seeking process. It has a search filter for preferences, shortlists for matches, and an interview system. These tools can help speed up the process of engaging the right connections and making informed decisions. Employers and FDWs can easily connect to hire or be hired through the platform platform. This eliminates the hassle and paperwork of working through a middleman.

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This one-stop, game-changing digital platform aims to build better and direct connections between employers and helpers through transparency and inclusivity.

Both helpers and employers will find hundreds of profiles to choose from, with a search filter for preferences, shortlists for matches, and an interview system to speed up the process of making the right connections and informed decisions. With all these at your fingertips, you can focus on direct and transparent communications quickly and effectively, as well as manage the hiring process directly as an employer.

This e-portal empowers employers and helpers to match, manage, and grow by extending its services to offer a full suite of features that include home and helper management services for employers and personal development opportunities for helpers.

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With the many streams and features of Ministry of Helpers, we created a distinct colour association and 2 different landing pages to the 2 diverse target audience.

The distinction carries through from brand elements to the UI/UX elements used throughout the website and e-platforms.

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“We saw the way COVID-19 changed our homes. It went from somewhere we can unwind to also becoming a hub for working and learning from home. We want to help create a home where things just work, where people connect and everyone can grow – both employers and helpers. Ministry of Helpers aims to achieve that with a structural and meaningful difference by doing business and doing good simultaneously. At the same time, we want to eliminate inequality, inefficiency, and create longer lasting and enjoyable relationships. Residents in Singapore can look forward to a more efficient, effective, and transparent way to manage their homes. Ministry of Helpers is not an FDW agency, but an integrated and inclusive platform to provide progress for all.”

– Dirk van Motman, Co-Founder of Ministry of Helpers

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