Building a digital homebase of sensorial experience through humanising Motion’s digital experience.

How do we reflect sensorial experiences that move the human spirit into the world wide web? Bonsey Jaden's Tech & UI/UX team collaborated with Motion's design and production team to create a brand new digital homebase for the experience-centric agency: dedicated to the heart and soul of Motion, about what drives the brand and the people.

Immediate impact upon landing: The Motion homepage was designed to emphasize their new moss green brand colour. A microinteraction using the 2 dots signifying Motion’s “for impact” was chosen to add prominence to the personality of the brand.

The website also uses a distinctive horizontal scrolling experience to better showcase their story, rather than the more predictable top-down way of scrolling.

Image sow-player-2 logo


A montage-like card pattern was chosen to bring through the sensorial experiences across Motion’s key projects.

Image sow-player-3 logo


To further humanise the digital experience, a natural language form design was chosen over conventional form.

Image sow-player-4 logo


The design of the website was built using a headless CMS to allow further iteration, page creations and frequent updates to be seamless and simple for Motion to use.

Image sow-player-5 logo


Motion was in the midst of revamping their brand identity at the inception of the web project. By establishing a UI/UX design system as a baseline, we reached a mutual agreement between Motion’s design & branding team, with our Tech & UI/UX team on design aspects that we can use on the website.

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