Re-contextualizing the tradition of Malaysian hospitality

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Bringing to life the next stage of Malaysian Hospitality

Summing up the Malaysia Airlines travel experience in a two-minute video is no easy feat. From identifying the hallmarks of Malaysian culture, to creating and successfully executing a visual journey for viewers to embark on, the process took almost half a year from start to finish.

Digital agency Bonsey Jaden received the brief earlier this year with the direction to breathe life into Malaysia Airlines’ latest brand awareness effort. This was amidst loosening restrictions and the growing ‘revenge travel’ trend. It proved to be an opportune time to not only revitalise awareness for Malaysia Airlines as a beloved travel brand, but also remind local and international travellers what Malaysian Hospitality is all about—and the things that it is built on.

This was the primary objective of Malaysia Airlines’ Malaysian Hospitality 3.0, or MH3.0, campaign. One of the essential pillars is the airlines’ high standards of service, which coincidentally landed them the World Travel Award for Asia’s Leading Airline for Business Class this past September, and cements them as a national brand for the country.

It was essential to highlight the uniquely Malaysian experiences that contribute to a nationwide tradition of hospitality. Beyond a brand video, the aim was to create something that the majority of Malaysians could look to and be proud of, and this served as the source of inspiration for us.

However, packing a nation’s experiences into a short video is obviously challenging. We ultimately chose to depict this through the chosen talent—deliberately showcasing the diversity of Malaysia. Scenes of people eating in a kopitiam, a family enjoying wayang kulit, and friends celebrating Hari Raya, were set up to represent the familiar everyday moments, whilst paying homage to Malaysia’s local cultures and celebrations. 

Team Bonsey Jaden also chose to partner with a third-party production house for this project, which played a big part in honing the vision and bringing it to life in the final video. The filming process, style, and final colour treatment of the video all worked towards creating a truly uplifting and heart-warming visual experience that will remind both local and international travellers alike of the unique travel experience that Malaysia provides.

The campaign video can be viewed on Malaysia Airlines’ Youtube,  Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, as well as Blinq digital billboards at the following locations: Federal Highway, SS2 LDP, GAMA, Penang, Jalan Tun Razak, KL, Cheras/ Ampang, Jalan Damansara, NPE, and Jalan Cheras.

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