How a blink-controlled film helped open eyes.

Xiao En has a long tradition of innovation in the business of death. But they also wanted people to look to them as a brand that celebrates life. To further their philosophy of “Caring like family” they wanted a message that encouraged people to treasure the time they have with family.

Xiao En’s in-house grievance counsellors revealed that the number one regret most families have, is not taking the time to be with their loved ones enough. Recognising this gap, we wanted to find a way to jolt working adults into realising how they spend their time in the here and now. In a first-of-its-kind mobile site experience, Blink gave viewers a chance to control a film with their eyes. When the film plays, every blink shortens the experience. And in a matter of blinks, we rush towards the end.

Experience BLINK here.