The Mood Menu

IPC Shopping Centre

Syncing shopper’s music data and their moods to create a unique F&B experience.

In partnership with Spotify, we developed “The Mood Menu” feature within the mall’s app. It intergrates one’s personal music data patterns and suggests restauraunt recommendations and promos that fit their musical mood on Spotify. This not only created digital excitement, but also pushed for a unique F&B experience in their newly renovated mall.

The Mood Menu for IPC Shopping Centre The Mood Menu for IPC Shopping Centre



downloads for the mall app in 2018.


redemptions for F&B promos.


footfall compared to previous year.

USD 380,000

in PR value across 151


Mob-Ex Awards 2019 Most Innovative Use of Mobile - GOLD
Best App - Lifestyle / Entertainment - SILVER
Kancil Awards Data-enhanced creativity - BRONZE
Best use of Mobile & Wearable Platforms - MERIT

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