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The constant moving target of Digital Platforms & Algorithms

It’s true that social media has dramatically changed the digital landscape. In fact, it is the fastest growing platform in the entire ecosystem. The most recent evolution came at the beginning of this year when...
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The truth about Facebook Organic Reach in 2018

Having recently spent time trawling the web for up to date information on Facebook’s organic reach in 2018, the team and I came away with very little to show for our efforts. The web is...
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10 Common Technical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Most companies associate SEO mainly with keyword research, blogging and content optimization, while technical aspect often gets overlooked. Developing content marketing strategy is a process which requires time to implement and patience until it brings...
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8 things Reality TV shows do better than you on digital

I never cared too much for Reality TV shows before. Sure, we all tuned in for the premiere of Big Brother way back in 2000, and later gave our inner chefs a chance at imaginary...
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17 mistakes graphic designers make when designing for web

I’ve spent the last 20 years tinkering with websites and learning first hand about design, coding and user experience, with 5 of those years as Technical Director at The Jaden Group and Bonsey Jaden. Over these...
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