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BLOG / 5 Jan 2018 /

10 Common Technical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Most companies associate SEO mainly with keyword research, blogging and content optimization, while technical aspect often gets overlooked. Developing content marketing strategy is a process which requires time to implement and patience until it brings...
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BLOG / 15 Dec 2016 /

8 things Reality TV shows do better than you on digital

I never cared too much for Reality TV shows before. Sure, we all tuned in for the premiere of Big Brother way back in 2000, and later gave our inner chefs a chance at imaginary...
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BLOG / 12 Dec 2016 /

17 mistakes graphic designers make when designing for web

I’ve spent the last 20 years tinkering with websites and learning first hand about design, coding and user experience, with 5 of those years as Technical Director at The Jaden Group and Bonsey Jaden. Over these...
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